101 Reasons to Love the Cotswolds

Welcome to Loving the Cotswolds' exclusive guide to what we think are the best things about the Cotswolds. Our 101 features, presented in no particular order, include a vibrant mix of everything from much-loved places in the Cotswolds to popular events, pastimes and traditions.

We hope everybody will find among them plenty of reasons to inform, entertain and amuse themselves. Although we are pretty sure we have included many reasons to love the Cotswolds that many 'locals' you would also come up with, we don't claim to have produced the definitive list. Indeed, we're pretty sure we will have missed out a number of people's favourite reasons to love the Cotswolds.

We would welcome your input on this and may in the future produce a list of "Top 10 Reasons that got away" based on your feedback. 
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