About Us

Loving the Cotswolds editor David Wood, centre, with Richard Jaques, left, and Nathaniel Davie, right, of Cotswold Web Services.Loving the Cotswolds is a joint venture between an experienced local newspaper journalist with a passion for the Cotswolds and an acclaimed Cotswold-based website designer.
This website is actually a long-held dream for David Wood, who spent 25 years working in local newspapers in south Worcestershire and the Cotswolds, initially as reporter and later as a sub-editor.
With cutbacks and redundancies in the newspaper business almost a weekly occurrence, it was no big surprise when David heard that he and 15 work colleagues were being made redundant in January 2014.
It was not long before David joined forces with Richard Jaques, managing director of Cheltenham-based Cotswold Web Services, who have built up an enviable reputation for creating first-class websites for businesses in and around the Cotswolds. 

'Ultimate website for the Cotswolds'

Our ambition is to create "the ultimate website for the Cotswolds" which will appeal to residents and local businesses, as well as the many thousands of visitors who flock to the Cotswolds each year.

Having spent more than a year planning, researching, writing and working on Loving the Cotswolds' design and content, we sincerely hope you'll agree that all of our hard work has been worth it. 

We have included a number of quirky sections dedicated to subjects such as Cotswolds Claims to Fame, Cotswolds Trivia, Filming in the Cotswolds and The Wacky Side of the Cotswolds.

Community is also at the heart of the Cotswolds and there are special sections dedicated to Schools, Faith, Gardens, Walking and an extensive directory of local clubs and organisations.
But the section we are probably proudest of is our "101 Reasons to Love the Cotswolds", which contains 101 features (in no particular order) about much-loved places to visit in the Cotswolds, popular events and special Cotswold traditions. 
We're also passionate about promoting local businesses and we're hoping that many Cotswold businesses will want to use us as a vehicle to drive their business in a way no existing advertising medium does.

Bespoke features

Apart from just offering to provide basic contact details of Cotswold businesses, we're keen to provide firms who support us with professionally-written, bespoke features all about their operation which will tell people living in the Cotswolds or visiting the area why they should do business with them.
We're offering a range of options for businesses to have 'advertorial' features about them placed in relevant and easily searchable areas of the Loving the Cotswolds website. 
We sincerely hope you'll find Loving the Cotswolds interesting, informative and entertaining and, once you've found us, you'll keep coming back to visit us.
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