£10 / month

Our basic package will ensure your business appears in our business listings, both in terms of your business sector and geographical location.

Why should you advertise with Loving the Cotswolds?

  • The brightest and most exciting Cotswold website around
  • Thousands of website visitors per month
  • Promote your business with your location & industry
  • Over 1,400 followers on Twitter
  • Make your business easy to find through our intuitive search
  • Position is determined on a first-come, first-served basis - so don't miss out!

Your Business Listing

We want to give your business maximum exposure through your listing and make it as accessible as possible, so we will list
you under your particular business sector (e.g. Accommodation) and under your nearest Cotswold town.


Cotswold Standard Features

Businesses which opt for the Standard level of support will receive a listing of your basic contact details in the Cotswold Centre (your
nearest centre of population) and business category of your choice, including a link to your own website, if desired. 

For just £10 a month, you can get your business featured prominently on a new and exciting website which we hope will receive many
thousands of visitors each month and become an essential place for businesses of all shapes and sizes to make themselves known. 

By taking out a Standard subscription, you will increase the visibility of your business and, very likely,
the number of clicks to your website and potential business enquiries you receive. 

Payment of your monthly subscription is via GoCardless, a simple and secure new way to make direct debit payments. 

At Loving the Cotswolds, we want to raise the profile of local businesses, but we don't want to tie you in
to any contract - if you want to cancel your monthly subscription at any time, you are free to do so. 
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