Cirencester Round Table

Cirencester Round Table is not a secret society, there are no strange handshakes and it certainly isn’t a stuffy old club. It is a group of young men who regularly gather together to have fun, organise great events and raise some money for charity.

The Round Table is a great way to meet new, like-minded people, bringing together a wide variety of men from across Cirencester and the local area.

Throughout the year we arrange a host of great events and tours which give us a chance to get together, have fun and ultimately do some good. The time commitment is up to each individual - we recognise that real life has a big impact on our members and hope to see them as often as family and work allow.

Events roughly fall into five categories:
Charitable events - including three major annual events - fireworks evening, Santa's Sleigh and Senior Citizens' Supper.
Business events - this is where the decisions are made and everything else gets planned. We keep them to a minimum - just three or four times a year.
Regular events - recent examples have included a poker night, coffee tasting, cricket, race night and touch rugby.
Away Events - including rock climbing, canoeing, laserquest, camping and a golf day.
International events - recent tours have included Malaga, Warsaw, and Budapest.

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