Charlbury Morris

As Morris sides go, Charlbury Morris is relatively new, having been established in 1984 by men of the town responding to a request for traditional entertainment at a local wedding.

It was taught by Dave Rogers, who instructed and played for the fledgling side. From those early roots Morris dancing took hold in Charlbury and has continued ever since.

Charlbury Morris are well known as a village 'fun side' (though Charlbury is a town). As in the old days, we learn and respect the ancient traditions of the Morris, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously.
We interpret the various dance traditions that have evolved in the nearby villages and towns and some from farther afield, and we have even created our own tradition, and always with healthy injections of fun and the occasional, equally ancient, beverage to cool our exhibitions!

In 2000 Charlbury Morris incorporated the dancers and musicians of Finstock Morris, a more ancient side that had encountered the difficulties of recruitment that plague so many contemporary sides. In honour of their long tradition you might notice us being introduced as ‘Finstock and Charlbury Morris’ in certain parts of the shire.
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