The Cotswold Players

The Cotswold Players gave their first performance in Amberley in 1911 and in the early years they toured their plays to the villages around Stroud, setting up stage at schools and village halls.

In the early 1920s, John Masefield (later Poet Laureate) was very active with the Players as playwright, co-producer and later as president. 

Theatrical history was made in 1922 when The Cotswold Players became the first actors to take a play to one of HM Prisons, when they presented Jerome K Jerome's The Passing of the Third Floor Back at Gloucester Prison.

Nowadays, The Cotswold Players are the resident company - and owners - of the Cotswold Playhouse in Parliament Street, Stroud. They may not be a professional company but their productions are never amateur!

If you like to act, sing or dance - or if you are interested in the myriad of backstage activities - why not join the Players?

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