Cotswolds Trivia - Industry & Business

Stroud has a proud history as being a centre for the cloth industry, which began in the Middle Ages and at the height of its prosperity there were about 150 cloth mills in and around the town. The town was particularly famous for manufacturing the cloth used in making military uniforms, especially those in the colour Stroudwater Scarlet.

Blockley-based Watsonian Squire is the biggest maker of sidecars in the UK.The Cotswold village of Naunton used to be a centre for the production of stone roofing slates. At one time 30,000 slates a week were dug from the thin stone seams in nearby mines.

Blockley was one of the first villages in England to produce its own electricity, thanks to the power of the Blockley Brook which provided the energy for corn mills, silk throwers and even wood saws.

Nowadays, Blockley is home to Watsonian Squire, the largest UK manufacturer of sidecars and trailers for motorcycles, which has been based in the village since 1984.

The Gloucestershire town of Stonehouse, near Stroud, used to be an important centre for brickmaking which began in the town in the mid-19th Century with as many as 13 brickmaking sites in total. The largest of these, Stonehouse Brick and Tile Company Ltd, was the last to close in 1968.

Although the current population of Malmesbury is currently only about 5,400, the area's main employer - Dyson, which has its headquarters on the edge of the town - employs around 1,600 people.
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