Cotswolds Trivia - Law & Order

Resentment among farm labourers at the threat to their jobs from mechanisation during the Agrarian Revolution boiled over in Tetbury in 1830 when a mob burned a haymaking machine. Half a dozen ringleaders were transported to Australia.

Also around 1830, bell-ringers in the village of Avening, near Tetbury, stole a bell from the church at nearby Cherington as they wanted to increase their peal from five to six.
After hanging the stolen bell, the men discovered they had taken the wrong one and when they were found out they were charged and imprisoned for several months.

Tetbury Police Museum contains a petition against the formation of a police force in Gloucestershire back in the 1830s. Gloucestershire Constabulary was founded in 1839, despite some residents protesting against the need for a police force at all!
A petition against the formation of the force was raised by the people living in the small hamlet of Compton Greenfield in South Gloucestershire.
There is a copy of this petition in Tetbury Police Museum which is largely dedicated to the story of the Gloucestershire Constabulary.

In 1833, Giles Coates was wanted for the attempted murder of a gamekeeper in Chedworth Woods in the Cotswolds.
Coates was a watchmaker who, whilst poaching in the woods, was disturbed by Lord Stowell's gamekeeper George Simpson.
To avoid capture, Coates fired at Simpson and severely injured him. Coates made off to London but he was re-captured and brought to trial at Gloucester Assizes where he was sentenced to death by hanging.
Later he was reprieved and transported to Australia on the convict ship George III, but the ship was wrecked off the coast of Tasmania and Coates apparently died.
A clock apparently made by Giles Coates or his father with an unusual printed dial on white enamel with a date window and the words "Coates, Chedworth" can be seen at Gloucester City Museum and Art Gallery.
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