Dursley Heritage Centre


A 19th Century printing press, Pedersen hammock bicycle and Lister Autotruck are among the locally-made objects that can been seen at Dursley Heritage Centre which has drawn visitors from far and wide since it opened in the town centre in 2005.
Dursley Heritage Centre has been open since the beginning of 2005 and has proved very popular with visitors from far and wide.

It occupies a central position in the town, adjoining the old Jacob's House building which has been fully restored and is now occupied by Dursley Town Council.

The centre is entirely run by volunteers who have assembled a wide-ranging collection of historical items specific to Dursley, with locally-made objects including a 19th Century printing press, Pedersen hammock bicycle and Lister Autotruck. In addition, there are numerous images, documents and memorabilia. 

The centre attracts more than 1,500 visitors per year. It is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10.30am to 12.30pm. If you are interested in joining the team of volunteers, call 01453 542953.

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Castle Street, Dursley, Gloucestershire, GL11 4BS



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