Stanway House & Fountain


There are two great reasons to visit Stanway House - there is not just the beautiful Jacobean manor house but summertime visitors can also enjoy the Stanway water garden with its single-jet fountain, the tallest in Britain.

Stanway House is an outstandingly beautiful example of a Jacobean manor house which has changed hands just once since 715AD.

Summertime visitors can not only enjoy the house and its fascinating furniture, but also the jewel-like gatehouse, the church and 14th Century Tithe Barn, and 18th Century water garden.

The glory of the Stanway water garden is the single-jet fountain in the canal, opened in June 2004. The fountain rises magnificently to over 300 feet, making it the tallest fountain in Britain, the tallest gravity fountain in the world and the second tallest fountain in Europe, after the 400-foot-high turbine-driven fountain in Lake Geneva.

Stanway House is open to visitors on Tuesday and Thursday from 2pm-5pm during June, July and August while group visits and personal tours can be arranged at any time of the year.

Fountain plays take place during opening times subject to drought and other adverse weather conditions.

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