Stanway Watermill


The fully-restored working flour mill at Church Stanway, which is the 8th largest waterwheel in England, was reopened by the Prince of Wales in 2009.

Stanway Estate, established in the 8th Century, is known to have had four watermills in 1291. They have been used over the centuries for fulling wool cloth, paper production, sawmilling, electricity generation, and for grinding flour and animal feed.

The mill in Church Stanway, now fully restored as a working flour mill, was reopened by the Prince of Wales in 2009.

Its massive 24-foot overshot waterwheel – the 8th largest waterwheel in England – drives traditional cast-iron machinery and heavy millstones to produce stoneground Cotswold flour from wheat grown less than a mile from the mill on the Stanway Estate.

During opening times, visitors may see the mill working, view the idyllic millpond, walk along the nearby Cotswold Way and buy a bag of wholemeal Cotswold flour. A traditional tea shop is within view of the mill.

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