70. Snowshill Manor

A view of Snowshill Manor taken by visitor Peter Dixon in the summer of 2014.
Charles Paget Wade, whose amazing collection of artefacts can be seen at Snowshill Manor.One of the rooms full of Charles Wade's objects. It has a wagon-vault ceiling with an inscription in gilt letters around the cornice.Snowshill Manor, near Broadway, is a Cotswold manor house packed with thousands of items collected by just one man.

Charles Paget Wade started collecting at the age of seven and eventually built up a collection of more than 22,000 items, which included furniture, musical instruments, toys and paintings, not to mention 26 suits of Japanese Samurai armour.

Having purchased the estate at Snowshill in 1919, Wade restored the Manor House and laid out the gardens from 1920 to 1923. He housed the collection in the Manor, choosing to live in a small cottage in the garden.

Wade married in 1946, having met his wife, who worked in Broadway during the Second World War, when she visited Snowshill Manor in 1945. After the marriage they spent increasingly greater amounts of time at their house in the West Indies.

Wade, whose motto was “let nothing perish”, gave the property and his collection to the National Trust in 1951. He died in 1956 during a visit to England and is buried in the village churchyard with other members of his family.

Today, visitors to Snowshill Manor can discover this eclectic collection laid out just as Charles Wade intended them to be seen.

The garden offers the perfect place to unwind and explore hidden vistas, quiet corners and unexpected delights including Charles Wade’s uncomplicated home, the Priest’s House. 
A young visitor explores the miniature houses in the garden of Snowshill Manor. Picture by Peter Dixon.

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